Shiva Temple

About Us


The Shiva Temple Manchester is a charitable organization established by a small group of individuals united by the goal of promoting the Saivism faith and constructing a temple in accordance with the Saiva Aagama Scriptures in Greater Manchester.

This temple will be the first in Greater Manchester to feature traditional South Indian architecture and stone-carved idols of deities.

Shiva Temple Manchester aims to be a sanctuary for daily worship, a communal space for celebrating festivals and special occasions, a center for studying traditional Indian arts and culture.

Our ancestors imparted the wisdom that one should not reside in a place without a temple. As descendants of the Nayanmars and Alwars, it is our duty to preserve our traditions and teach our children the importance of being virtuous.

Our religion teaches that devotion to God and complete surrender to Him enable us to perform our duties to the highest standard, unaffected by the outcomes of our actions.


Our mission is to nurture and spread the teachings of Saivism through the establishment of a temple that serves as a center for worship, learning, and community engagement. We are dedicated to creating a sacred space that adheres to the Saiva Aagama Scriptures and invites all to experience the spiritual and cultural richness of our tradition.


Our vision is to create the Shiva Temple Manchester as a landmark of faith and tradition, embodying the beauty of South Indian temple design and serving as a spiritual haven for generations to come. We aspire to foster a vibrant community that upholds the values of Saivism, enriches the cultural tapestry of Greater Manchester, and inspires a path of spiritual enlightenment and unity.

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