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Welcome to the Campaigns section of the Shiva Temple Manchester website.

In this special corner of our digital home, we celebrate the spirit of unity and dedication that fuels our temple’s campaigns. Here, we share the heartfelt experiences and reflections from the events that are not just carried out but are brought to life by the temple’s devotees and volunteers.

Our Campaigns: A Journey of Faith and Fellowship

Each campaign is a chapter in our temple’s story, a narrative of devotion that resonates with the divine vibrations of Lord Shiva’s abode. From organizing grand festivals to spearheading community welfare initiatives, our campaigns are diverse in their reach but unified in their purpose.

Join the Movement

We invite you to be a part of this vibrant tapestry. Whether you’re a long-time devotee or a new visitor, there’s a place for you in our campaigns. Volunteer, participate, or simply soak in the energy of selfless service that permeates our sacred space.

As you explore this section, we hope you’ll be moved by the stories of commitment and camaraderie. May they ignite a spark of devotion in your heart and encourage you to contribute to our temple’s legacy of love and service.

Events organised by Devotees and Volunteers.

July 2023 – Manchester to Blackpool Charity Bike Ride

The month of July unfolded as a bustling period of community engagement: Manchester to Blackpool...

July 2023 – Shiva Temple Representation at Bolton Hindu Forum

The month of July unfolded as a bustling period of community engagement: Shiva Temple Representation...

June 2023 – Family Walk, Health and Wellbeing Day

June witnessed a holistic approach to community well-being with a family walk and health day at Lose...

May 2023 – Great Manchester Run

  On 21st May, the community actively participated in the Great Manchester Run, with around 25...
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