About the Temple

Shiva Temple Manchester is a charitable organisation founded by a small group of people with a common goal of advancing the faith of Saivism and establishing / building a temple as per the Saiva Aagama Scriptures in Greater Manchester. The Shiva Temple Manchester will be the first of its kind in the Greater Manchester with a Traditional South Indian Architecture with stone carved idols of deities

Shiva Temple Manchester is envisioned to provide a place of daily worship, a place for the community to get together to celebrate festivals and special occasions, a place to study the traditional Indian arts and culture, a place for yoga and meditation and so on

It is the well found wisdom by our ancestors that we should not live in a place that has no temple, we the people from the land of Nayanmars and Alwars have the duty to carry forward our tradition and show our children what it means to be a good human being and how our religion incorporates the devotion to God and total surrender to him allows us to perform our duties to a highest standard with out being affected by the outcome of one’s action.