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Shiva Temple Manchester – Let us make it happen

Iconic Shiva Temple in Manchester is a formidable undertaking requiring considerable physical, mental and financial strength. The strength comes from you all.

All this work involves an enormous amount of money and people with big hearts coming forth and working. We thank all our donors from the bottom of our heart, and we are totally committed in this divine journey

Every penny of your hard-earned money will be well spent on realising our dream of the Shiva Temple in Manchester

Whilst we appreciate and thank every single donor, we are enlisting the individual higher donors in this page not because they want this information in the public domain for publicity, but this will inspire others to donate more

Donors who have donated £1000 and above

Mr and Mrs Sureshkumar Shanmugasundaram , Manchester.  : £15,001

Mr and Mrs Murali Goluguri , Manchester. : £10,000

Dr and Mrs Meyyappan Nachiappan, Manchester. :  £10,000

Mr and Mrs Sivabalan Balachandran : £10,001

Mr and Mrs Ramesh Ekambaram : £10,001

Mrs Meenal Saravanan , Colchester. : £1000

Dr and Mrs Muthukumaran , Manchester. : £1000

Dr and Mrs K R K Baskar , Manchester. : £1000

Significant Team Donations

Manchester Cycling Team through their Coast to Coast Cycling event raised £3500

Shiva Temple Charity Walk event raised more than £1200

Main Food Sponsor for all our Events : Sai Spice