Shiva Temple

November 2023 – Udayalur Dr Shri Kalyanaraman Concert

On November 19th 2023, Shiva Temple Manchester collaborated with Shri Radha Madhav Kalyana Mahotsav UK to host the renowned Udayalur Dr. Shri Kalyanaraman and his team of musicians at the Fuse Theatre. The two-hour concert unfolded the divine narrative of Shri Nandanar, one of the Nayanmars who attained the highest through unwavering Bhakti to Lord Shiva.


The event witnessed spellbinding music and a profound sense of divinity, leaving the audience enraptured. As a gesture of immense kindness, Udayalur Shri Kalyanaraman pledged INR 200,000 to the temple fund, promising to release the funds once the land is procured for the Shiva Temple in Manchester. This collaboration marked the second consecutive year of association with Shri Radha Madhav Kalyana Mahotsav UK, fostering hopes for continued collaboration in the future.

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